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Enhance Privacy in Your Rooms
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Integral Blinds – Blinds Merchant

Bringing their new designs and window covering functionality, Integral Blinds have now become some of the most popular in homes, offices and all sorts of commercial buildings. These have essentially changed the way people used to cover their windows with their innovative slide on and off techniques. Blinds Merchant is your most reliable supplier for all kinds of Integral Blinds in the UK. Have your perfect and beautiful Custom Integral Blinds fitted inside your window panes or outside them, they will look great regardless. Specialized for doors and super lean style of window covering, these show no mess at all and are neatest windows blinds on the market offered at cheap prices from Blinds Merchant.

Call Now and Have Your Windows Fitted with Perfect Integral Blinds

High Quality Materials for Our Perfect Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds are all about their elegant appeal and easy usability. Eliminating the need for traditional chords and strings, these modern magnetic based Windows Blinds offer perfect functionality. For the UK market, you can now get some of the best material choices for your Integral Blinds. With lots of choices to choose from, Blinds Merchant serves the country with best window coverings at affordable prices. Our products are available all over the UK while in Leeds, Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham, we also offer personalized Windows Blinds installation services as well.

Inside Window Fitting for Beautiful Integral Blinds

With their perfect designs, Integral Blinds from Blinds Merchant in the UK have innovated traditional window coverings. Fitting accurately inside your windowpanes, these wonderfully designed windows blinds look elegant and very neat on your windows. These are so slim and yet so durable that fitting them inside your windowpanes is very easy. Whether you need privacy for your main glass door or a large window in your office, home of any commercial building, our perfect fit Integral Blinds will provide maximum functionality at all times.

Elegant Integral Blinds Fitting Inside Your Windows

Enhance Privacy in Your Rooms with Beautiful Integral Blinds

Blinds Merchant is your most reliable supplier for beautiful Integral Blinds that do many functions at one time. While these are made from very slim sheets of composite materials, yet full privacy is provided at all times with you having your Integral Blinds covering the windows or doors. We provide top quality installations with our beautiful integral blinds that also offer full control over daylight and outside temperature for windows and doors. Your windows will look great from the inside while you will have full control over when to shut them down or open them up.

Long Lasting Professional Grade Magnetic Style Integral Blinds Are Available at Blinds Merchant

When it comes to our super high-quality integral blinds, we use only the best parts and materials. Their magnetic parts are all high-end and will last you the longest time. All parts of our sliding integral blinds are of top quality making them durable as any other window coverings while they look great as well. We offer:

  • Metallic rails for sliding part of the Integral Blinds
  • Lightweight yet very durable composite materials
  • Many colors and surface finishes available
  • Easy slide magnets that open or close your window blinds perfectly
  • Best window privacy while design looks very elegant and minimalistic
Different Types of Integral Blinds Are Available

Blinds Merchant is a professional Windows Blinds provider in the UK. We offer our clients the largest selection of Integral Blinds in materials, colors and also their types. From Roller Integral Blinds to Venetians, we have all types and styles of super high-quality Integral Blinds available.

Roller Integral Blinds

Our special Roller Integral Blinds function just like traditional Roller Blinds but without any chords or strings attachments. These have long lasting magnets implemented on reliable sliding mechanisms and function at their best ability for the longest time possible.


Venetian Integral Blinds

Just like any other venetian blinds, our Venetian Integral Blinds function the same where you can slide them up to fold them revealing full windows or doors and slide them down to cover your windows or doors perfectly. These also have no strings or chords and all is done with magnets in sliding rails.

At Blinds Merchant, our motto is to provide top quality window coverings with a touch of innovation and super high-quality finishes. We offer:

·        Free Measurement Service where our professionals take full centimeter perfect measurements

·        Free Installation Service where our team of professionals will ensure perfect accurate fitting

·        UK Made Integral Blinds with perfect high-quality materials

·        Competitive prices for all Windows Blinds

·        Short Lead time from ordering to complete blinds fittings


12 months guarantee with all our windows blinds available