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Perfect Fit Vertical Blinds
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Vertical Blinds – Blinds Merchant

Offering design accents of their own to interior rooms with maximum required functionality as well, windows blinds have become an essential part of modern interiors. Vertical Blinds are some of the most popular types of window coverings offering offices commercial interiors and any large windows a unique design and functionality aspect. These have a vertical strip design that suits wider large windows best. Providing great privacy, these blinds can be slid on or off windows elegantly. Blinds Merchant is your most reliable Custom Vertical Blinds supplier in the UK service in many locations including Leeds, Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham.

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Perfect Fit Vertical Blinds for Commercial Windows

Whether you have a commercial or industrial building or you have a large office space with any sized windows, Blinds Merchant will provide Perfect Fit Vertical Blinds that are made to measure for all windows. Our Made to Measure Vertical Blinds can be fitted on the inside of your window panes or on the outside depending on your style requirement. For large commercial and office building windows, our Vertical Blinds suit best offering a professional high-quality look and feel.

Get Free Measurements and Fittings for Professional Vertical Blinds

Blinds Merchant is a professional Windows Blinds service provider in the UK. We have years of experience delivering the best Vertical Blinds to the country making interiors look beautiful and attractive. Now you don’t have to settle for anything less than perfect for your Windows Blinds service in Leeds, Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. Blinds Merchant sends out our expert professionals who provide free windows measurement service ordering picture perfect Vertical Blinds for your windows. We also offer free fittings where our professional team of Windows Blinds experts doesn’t leave any margin for error and you get perfect tidy fit for your blinds.

Cheap Vertical Blinds for Commercial Windows Available with Free Shipping

Beautiful Vertical Blinds in All Verities Are Available

For our perfect Vertical Blinds in the UK, Blinds Merchant offers a great range of designs. Not only can you select strips in your required width and length but also their material types with surface finishes are available in a large variety as well. We also have all different colors and designs available for all commercial or domestic building needs delivering best Vertical Blinds in the country. You can choose from our available choices or talk to us to design your own Vertical Blinds as well. Blinds Merchant provides satisfactory service for all Made to Measure Windows Blinds in the UK.

Vertical Blinds Provide Best Light, Privacy and Fresh Air Control for Commercial Windows

Office spaces, industrial buildings and commercial or public places all need professional grade window coverings to enhance functionality. Vertical Blinds that Blinds Merchant delivers in the UK are equipped with long lasting slide on and slide off features. Their pulling strings are made from durable nylon composite materials that stand the test of time perfectly. You can also get the advanced magnetic style Vertical Blinds that make it very easy to pull on or off your large windows. You will be able to control factors including daylight, fresh air and also temperature on your windows perfectly with our Vertical style of Windows Blinds. Our Vertical Blinds offer:

  • Clear most durable hooks and hingers for a professional clean install
  • Child safety lock feature with our cordless vertical blinds
  • Professional grade nickel chain joining louvres
  • Very elegant vertical blinds slide on and off wands available


Buy Your Vertical Blinds with Confidence at Blinds Merchant UK

Blinds Merchant is a Vertical Blinds professional in the UK. Serving at many UK locations with our windows measurements and blinds fitting services as well including Leeds, Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham, we have introduced a new way of having your windows blinds perfected in the country. Blinds Merchant also provides our clients much confidence in the UK with our perfect convenient services and also value added after sales services. We offer:

• More than 400 Vertical Blinds fabric and material choices available
• Perfect Vertical Blinds made in the UK for your convenience
• 12 months guarantee with on-location fixes for all our Windows Blinds
• Child Safety feature available with Vertical Blinds of the highest quality
• Adjustable open position covering as much part of your window as you need
• Perfect privacy blinds with vertical designs for large commercial windows
• Modern and advanced motorized vertical blinds available on request
• Made to measure vertical blinds with perfect fittings for UK customers

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